Vegas Limo FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Vegas Limo FAQsQ. What are the Vegas Limo FAQs?

A. When making limo reservations, either on the phone calling Abraham Vegas Limo Service directly at 702.257.7797 or booking online you will get a confirmation at the time with information to where the limo and the driver will wait for your party. The confirmation charter order that you’ll receive in your email will have all the information for the limousine charter including vehicle description and license plate as well as driver’s name and cell phone number.  ALV Dispatch will call the booking party 24 hrs in advance to confirm that the time and the pickup point is set and didn’t change. ALV Vegas Limo FAQs includes your limo driver will call within 30 minutes of the pickup time to introduce himself and confirm the time and the limo pickup point and make sure you meet at the right Casino Resort Entrance or to coordinate a main door pickup on time. Following the Vegas Limo FAQs will enhance your Las Vegas limo experience..

Q. How will I recognize a Vegas Limo Chauffeur?

A. Las Vegas Limousine chauffeurs working for Abraham Limo Vegas, ALV are properly suited in black suit, white shirt and black tie. Abraham limo drivers hold a sign with the party name. Vegas limos front and rear license plates with CPCN 1104 (Las Vegas Limousine Charter) license number and CPCN 2159 (Las Vegas Bus Charter) on the back bumper, and a vehicle limo number as well. You will have all the information on your limousine charter confirmation. Plus limo driver cell phone, a well known part of Vegas Limo FAQs.

Q. What if I can’t find the limo driver?

A. Here is one of the most important Vegas Limo FAQs; Abraham Limo Vegas chauffeurs routinely arrive at any pick up location (hotel casino resorts, residence, Vegas Conventions or Las Vegas Airport) 15 minutes prior to the scheduled pickup time. You’ll also have the limo driver cell phone as well as ALV dispatch contact number. If driver has not arrived in this time frame, please call 702.257.7797 We have GPS on all of our limousines and we know where the limo is at any time. The reason we mention these Vegas limo faqs is because they are the standard in which we operate our Las Vegas Limo company, so please follow and respect our Vegas Limo Faqs.

Q. What happens if the flight is late or its canceled?

A. Top Vegas Limo FAQs; we have flight tracking. Abraham Limo Service operations and dispatch monitor the exact arrival time of each and every commercial flight into McCarran International Airport and the Executive Flight terminals for private Jet Charters. The limo driver will be waiting when you arrive. If this is a commercial flight, there will be no additional charge for the delay.  Private Jets flight are customized as needed.  There will be no charge for any flight arriving into Las Vegas that is canceled by the airline. However, it is the responsibility of the traveler or booking agent to notify our office  to advise us of any new travel arrangements. Communication is key and is one of the most important Vegas Limo FAQs.

Q. Can I pay for the limo reservation in Cash instead of using the credit card that was provided when I booked the limo?

A. Las Vegas Limo Chauffeurs don’t usually carry cash, due to safety concerns, and ALV require that you provide the credit card for imprint if you want to charge the limo to your credit card, gratuities can be paid cash if you choose so, or billed to your credit card or corporate account. Limo Reservations are confirmed and Credit Cards are charged 24 hours in advance unless you specifically tell the limo reservations department that you’ll be paying in cash. Please be aware if a cash given to Chauffeur it will be considered an additional gratuity & cannot, by labor law, be recovered from limo driver. This is a Vegas Limo FAQs LAW.

Following these Standard Vegas Limo FAQs will assure that everything will go as planned.

*Las Vegas Limo Rates are subject to audit after order completion; to include actual amenities, Airport parking fees, meet & greet fee, additional stops etc. Las Vegas limousine hourly charters are billed by the hour with half (½) hour increments thereafter. Always pay attention to the Vegas Limo FAQs

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