Planet XV UFO tours

The Most Unique UFO SkyWatching Experience

Planet XV UFO tours present a unique UFO Skywatching experience, it’s, unlike anything you ever heard before… UFO hunting trips. Planet XV UFO tours sighting trips are conducted at night with using special military grade night vision goggles, high-energy lasers, and extreme low light video camera feed. Abraham Limo Service is the only one that is able to provide these Vegas UFO tours together with Planet XV.

Planet XV UFO tours

Official access to Area 51 and other government bases around Las Vegas are strictly prohibited to the public. PLANET XV takes you to the closest possible access points for observing these unique Unidentified Flying Object Skywatching experience. Abraham Limo Service invites you to be part of Planet XV UFO tours every night of the week, 356 days a year. (except cloud cover days)

 Planet XV UFO tours

Planet XV UFO tours – it’s the most unique UFO Skywatching Experience

Planet XV UFO tours duration is approximately 6 hours – sky observation time is about 2.5 hours. UFO tour hunting takes place depending on cloud cover and weather conditions. There are 3 trip Locations: | Mercury, Nevada | Mt. Charleston Outlook | Jean Dry Lake The technology Planet XV uses is top of the line military grade equipment.

Spotting a flying saucer on Area 51 tour with Planet XV can change your entire perception on how you view the world. We hope you don’t form a judgment without actually seeing for yourself. Planet XV UFO tours can make this possible. While many people still don’t believe in the existence of extraterrestrial beings, some alien enthusiasts have provided the public with evidence that these creatures are real. The government denies allegations by some people that they are hiding UFOs in the S4 facility in Area 51. This area is the most famous spot for alien enthusiasts all over the world.

The idea of a UFO Sighting near Area 51 is just too good to pass up, it’s a Planet XV UFO tours guarantee.