Marquee Nightclub

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Marquee Nightclub at the Cosmopolitan is a chic $60-million mega club featuring three distinct rooms – the main room, the Library and the Boom Box – along with an expansive pool deck that lets partygoers dance among the lights of the Las Vegas Strip. With a stable of the hottest DJs in the industry, Marquee Nightclub delivers an unparalleled experience with a 40-foot tall LED screen and interactive performances nightly. Limo readily available to take your party to the Marquee Nightclub.

Marquee Nightclub Limo readily available downstairs

Three different rooms mean three different vibes each night, and whether you choose one or all three, each is handled outstandingly well. Marquee Nightclub main room has enormous dance floor surrounded by booths, while subdued Boom Box Room is more intimate and plays mainly hip hop, and it’s perfect if you want a little bit of music and dancing without a full-on dance party erupting. Limo service available and waiting on charter are located downstairs main door into the right.

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The third and final room is almost hidden, with an entrance tucked behind the main room LED screen. The Library room is stocked with hundreds of Vegas-related books are stacked throughout the room, with seating, a billiards table and bar rounding out the amenities.

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Marquee puts the emphasis back on the music that made nightclubs to begin with. With three different rooms and three different musical genres played in each of them, the impact will be obvious. The sea of bodies near the DJ is the dance floor, and thanks to the oversized LED screen and high-tech sound system, this is definitely the center of the party. Each of the impressive resident DJs has their own electronic signature on the screen, while go-go dancers shake on the catwalks above. Marquee Nightclub limo available downstairs.

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