Drai’s After-Hours

Drai's After Hours is currently closed but will reopen in June 2014

Drai’s After-Hours is one of Las Vegas’ historic nightclubs, which has been a mainstay at the location for the past 15 years. Originally operating and found underground downstairs in the previous Bill’s Gambling Hall, Drai’s After-hours planed to reopen inside The Cromwell, a standalone shop resort at the northeast edge of Las Vegas Boulevard and Flamingo Road. Abraham Limo Service available 24/7

The Cromwell will be home to Drai’s Beach Club, Nightclub and Drai’s After-Hours. Drai’s Nightclub makes for an unforgettable evening and it fits in wonderfully with an afternoon spent in the sun at Drai’s Beach Club and a late-night party at Drai’s After HoursDrai’s After-Hours late-night celebration den has actually lasted longer than the majority of the competition with little marketing and no promos.

Limo Service for Drai’s After-Hours

Strictly a Las Vegas after-hours club, Drai’s After-Hours is one of the finest locations to spend your very early morning hours in Las Vegas. With original artwork, palm trees, large couches, and charitable drinks, Drai’s After-Hours is different than any other late night club. Limo will await your party outside the most successful After-Hours club party in the World.

Drai's After-Hours - Limo Service by ALV

With a full selection of fine wines, champagnes and cigars for your after-hours enjoyment accompanied by music and a resident DJs, Drai’s After-Hours is is the place to be.
Drai’s After-Hours nightclub caters to those intent on living Vegas to the fullest during their weekend stay. The decor closely mirrors that of Tryst and that is for a reason (they are owned by the same individual) offering elegant furnishings embossed with RED everywhere!

Drai’s After-Hours inside The Cromwell, Abraham Limo available 24/7

After renovating the nightclub Drai’s After-Hours Las Vegas now offers a hip/hop room. The best of both worlds can now be had after hours especially for those with diverse music tastes and dance moves. For information regarding Bottle and VIP Services at Drai’s After-Hours call Abraham Limo Service.

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